Iraq is the country of love, blessing, peace, and the source where most of the nearby civilizations has started. Iraqi people have passion for love, beauty and are friendly in nature. The land of the two great rivers (Mesopotamia) has plentiful resources that attract many other nations.


Iraq is in the center of Middle East and situated in north of the Person Gulf (Arabian Gulf). Iraq lies between Latitudes 29.5-37.25 and longitudes 38.45-45.48. It has an area of 438,446 square kilometers with the two great rivers (the Euphrates and Tigris ). In the center part, astride the Tigris lies Baghdad the capital. Iraq is bounded on the north by Turkey , on the west by Syria and Jordan , on the South by Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Person Gulf (Arabian Gulf) and on the East by Iran . About 20% of the whole country are Mountainous snow–clad in the north, 59.5% of the whole country are limestone plateau in the center and the southern flat lowland with many lakes and marshes. Two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, traverse the country from the north to the south and they meet in Qurna where their merge is called Shat Al Arab which runs through the city of Basra and pour into the Person Gulf ( Arabian Gulf ).


Iraq has a population of over 26 millions (estimation of 2006), of which the majority are Arabs. There are several minorities which enjoy full national and cultural rights within the overall nation framework of the Iraq Republic such as Kurds in the north which consists of 20% of the country. Freedom to practice their religious rites is protected by law for all religious denominations, and their major feast days are official holidays for them. The official language is Arabic, but there are also other officially recognized languages such as Kurdish, Turkoman and Syriac. The foreign language most widely used is English.


The Baghdad Traditional Museum for popular customs and professions represents life-size sculpture where visitors can enjoy the life of 18, 19, and the 20th century. Many of these professions and customs are fast disappearing but they are still very interesting to see even as images.

The Mosul Museum in the city of Mosul has on display a large collection of finds that represent the successive civilizations of Iraq.

Dresser & clothes

Modern clothes are the normal uniform dress in Iraq . Although some traditional Arabs who still have strong tribal connection dresses the Arabian dress. Kurds in the north dresses their traditional cloth.


It all depends on the city that you are traveling to. North is cold in the winter time where it will be below zero. While in Baghdad and southern cities such as Basra you will never see snow, but rather will get chilly with minimum of zero to 2 degrees. In spring and autumn it is very nice, while in the summer it is extremely hot. It can reach 50 C degree easily during the summer time.


Iraqi kitchen is one of the very rich, tasty and delicious comparing to the surrounding countries. The famous dishes are Quzi, Kuba, Dolma, Tishrib, and Pacha. Rice is the basic food in any meal in Iraq . Rice has a typical name in Iraq than the rest of the Arab counties, where in Iraq it is called Teman.

Historical Sites


Iraqi Historical Sites

Babel Hanging Gardens, and showing as well Babel Tower